Proudly sponsored by Ripon Baptist Church
ripon vbs 2017

August 21 - 25, 2017

9:30AM - 12PM Mon - Friday

Vacation Bible School is a fun week where kids learn about God while having a great time!

Crazy Games

Teachings from the Scriptures

Fun & Friendly Competitions

Our Pinewood Derby Race

Purpose of VBS

Our primary purpose in our Vacation Bible School program is to introduce scripture to children at an early age. We want them to learn about God, the Bible, Jesus, and other important teachings. Kids like to have fun, too - we recognize that, and the program is built in a way that kids can play games and enjoy themselves the whole time.

Why Ours?

We place a high priority on making sure teachings from the scripture are accurate, and that we emphasize this as the most important part of our VBS. Other benefits of our Vacation Bible School include:

  • Careful, vetted teacher and good helpers
  • We know ALL our workers since we are the only sponsor
  • Better teacher / student ratios